Organic vs Paid Social:
What’s the Difference?

Organic Social

Organic Social

This is the use of free tools provided by social networks to build brand awareness, post content that engages your existing audience or followers and respond to customer comments.

In addition, keep in mind that crafting compelling and relevant content may bolster your chances of showing up in people’s search engine queries.

  • For raising brand awareness
  • For creating a community on social media
  • Ideal for audiences in the research phase of their buying cycle
  • Helps you retain and maintain a relationship with existing customers
Paid Social

Paid Social

This is the placement of paid advertisements and sponsored messages on social media to target specific user profiles and help you reach a larger audience.

  • For sending users to your site
  • For driving leads to landing pages
  • Ideal for audiences interested or deciding to purchase your product or service
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What is Social Media Management?

As social media evolves, market players maintain each channel’s core purpose: the trifecta of connection, communication and community. Sprout Social data showed that 57 percent of consumers will follow a brand’s social page to learn about new products or services. It’s why brands should make sure they’re posting content that satisfies connection and engages in communication while building community – instead of posting promotions for users without any thought.

Enter social media management. Sometimes called social media marketing management, it is a branch of social media marketing (SMM) that covers planning, crafting and publishing content on social platforms. It involves regular social profile audits and audience research, which are essential to rolling out relevant content.

At MA Digitals, we take a holistic approach to managing our clients’ social media accounts successfully. Our social media management company combines organic and paid solutions to deliver the most efficient and profitable results.

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Reach Your Niche Market Audience With a Robust Social Presence

Social Media Marketing Agency in Nigeria for Business viral growth

Different platforms call for different measures. As an award-winning social media management firm, we take on this challenge. Our diverse portfolio allows us to serve those seeking an Instagram management agency or go toe-to-toe with YouTube management companies. But our biggest strength is in tying everything together to drive the best results.

Facebook Management

Boasting over 1 billion daily active users, Facebook has sufficient reach to support social media management for everything from small business clients to large corporations. Its main appeal lies in its low-cost marketing, exact targeting and organic follower engagement. Maximize these benefits when you sign up for our Facebook management services.

Instagram Management

Adapt social media marketing management on this platform to achieve your sales goals. You can leave the legwork to MA, an Instagram management agency with extensive experience in optimizing vanishing and user-generated content. We handle it all, from gallery posts and Instagram stories to interstitial ads.

Twitter Management

Hop into the conversations that matter to your target audience, advocate causes your company believes in and cultivate an online community on Twitter. This chatty app is conducive to expanding your outreach and establishing your brand personality. Whether it’s large enterprise or small business social media management you require.

TikTok Management

Transitioning quickly as a rising star to a global platform, TikTok has taken social media by storm and helped level social media management for small businesses. Step up with TikTok for Business solutions that are well-designed for targeting, forging an authentic connection with and empowering the next generation.

LinkedIn Management

Our experts have found LinkedIn an optimal place for business-to-business (B2B) companies to compel executives and decision-makers to partner with them. At MA Digitals, we take advantage of its native social media management software solutions to employ lead-generating enterprise social media management.

YouTube Management

YouTube’s commercial success is well-documented, your brand can take part in this cultural moment by embedding technical SEO best practices into your channel. Our YouTube management approach simplifies the steps for you, researching the most appropriate title tags and descriptions to go with your video uploads.

Our Social Media Management Process

  • You select your social media plan
  • We create campaign creatives
  • We plan your content strategy
  • We roll out scheduled posts
  • We grow & engage with your audience
  • We moderate comments
  • We provide detailed reports

MA Digitals increases our hospital awareness in the local community by managing our social media presence and creating online publicity campaigns. Their excellent project management and accessible communication channels have been key to the project’s success.

Dr. C. Uwajeh

Streams of Life Hospital

Embarrassed by the First Version.

I thought I knew how to use Facebook advertising not until MA Digitals took control of my Facebook business page, best outcome yet. Let the truth be told! Kong marketing agency in Lagos is the best at Social media marketing.

Adaramola Abigael

Business Owner
Embarrassed by the First Version.
Embarrassed by the First Version.

MA Digitals fantastic work led our brand to be the top trending topic in their area. The team collected various brand ambassadors, managed ad campaigns, created content, and produced promotional videos.

Onwuka Victor

Better Life Property

They do a really good job of posting relevant material on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all across the board, and really get people excited about our brand and what it is that we have to offer.

Abraham Jude

Marketing Manager

I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to work with Volume Nine, they have done wonders for our social media campaigns. Our engagement on social media has increased significantly.

Frank Edward

AVP of Marketing at CCU

Since beginning work with Mcjeh Digital, we have seen an 80% increase in web traffic due to SEO improvements.

Boma Jacks

Solusoft Nigeria Consult


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MA Standard


  • Managing one brand
  • Managing up to 3 Social media channels
  • Stock Images & Design
  • 3 Facebook Posts/ Week
  • 3 Twitter Posts/ Week
  • 3 LinkedIn posts/ week
  • 2 Social Promoted Posts
  • +100 Real Followers

MA Premium


  • Promoted Posts
  • Promotional Contests
  • Daily Twitter Engagement
  • +500 Real Followers
  • Customer support

We create software & digital product

Credibly deliver out-of-the-box benefits through just in time best practices. Globally orchestrate holistic communities without visualize performance based premium alignments.

We keep you up-to-date

Because Social media is ever evolving, keeping up with all the latest trends is akin to having a full-time job. But luckily for you, our social media managers are trained to stay well abreast of all the latest trends in the industry and therefore always keep your social media strategy as fresh and trendy as possible while you take care of other important business matters.

Analytics Monitoring:

The gathering and checking of data against metrics to ensure the accomplishment of results

Let data drive your corporate, multi-location business or franchise social media management campaigns. You can monitor important metrics on your chosen platforms, such as engagement metrics (likes, shares and comments), impressions and click-through rates (for targeted social ads).

We save you time

Fully effective social media management requires active management of each social platform your brand uses, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This active management includes tasks like creating and scheduling posts, responding to messages, engaging with followers, replying and moderating comments, tracking metrics, etc As a business owner, doing all this across maybe 3 or 4 social platforms you use can be very tasking and time consuming. And that’s where we come in. By using our social media management services, we give you the time and energy to face other important facets of your business while we do what we do best – manage your social media accounts.

Strategy Creation:

The map or plan containing your social media goals, steps to achieve them, a corresponding timeline and metrics to track progress The social media management definition isn’t complete without a mention of strategy. It’s the master plan, and it helps you visualize what business social media management looks like for you. Some major factors to consider are which platforms to capitalize on, who your audience is, what types of content to produce, what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and which social media management software to use.

We uphold your online brand reputation

Nowadays, customers asses a business’ value or authenticity by looking at their social media accounts. Therefore, every brand has the unique opportunity to represent their online reputation the best way they can beginning from their social media pages. Our experienced social media managers build your online reputation by creating content that resonates with your brand, quickly responding to negative messages and comments from dissatisfied customers, engaging with your followers and more. All of such activities boost brand perception and foster brand affinity which naturally leads to more word of mouth referrals and increased sales.


Inbound Engagement Monitoring:

The process of responding to comments, questions and interactions with all social media content and profiles and continuing conversation initiated by fans Studies show that an average of    two-thirds of consumers desire a connection with brands. It makes sense, then, to strive to facilitate two-way communication every chance you get. This is true for all of your social platforms, even when you’re deploying Instagram management services or exploring TikTok management solutions using mostly video content.

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